Ability to pin some board essentials and terms of reference - better onboarding

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Not everyone is on-boarded in the same to busy boards. It would be nice to have something front and centre that reiterate a few essentials; owner, purpose, timeline, project team structure, notes about information handling if it feature sensitive data.

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@DazzaR By pin do you mean choose tasks that you'd like to be at the top of the Board? Or have a separate space/area to find things like Owner/Purpose/Timeline/etc.?

Thanks -- I like this idea. I've seen some other people create a "how to use this board" task and make that the first task in the first bucket (and setting the preview description for it). This would be a nice way to formalize that concept.

@Joanna Parkhurst hi, because of the amount of plans we have, we don't use the tabbed feature of Teams other than to link to the planner hub. In the majority of cases I go from the office landing page into Planner and it's easy to see the larger pinned cards and the smaller 'other plans'. It would be nice to have some context about the plans. Either 'more info...' on hover or an info button where more info could be accessed. 

@DazzaR Oh I see, yes I can understand how that would be helpful. Thank you for that suggestion! We'll be sure to share it with the team.