Ability to add x amount of labels and colours to Plans

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Hi again,
i would like also to say well-done for Planner product :green_heart: and particularly for Planner and To-Do integration :green_heart:+:blue_heart:! By when could we get the ability to define x number of labels and also colour them at own palette? Thanks a lot!

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@Konstantina Antoniadou Yay! Extra points for the color coded hearts!! :blue_heart::green_heart:


I love this suggestion, and we're starting to hear this request more and more. About how many labels do you think you'd work with on a regular basis? And how would you like them to appear on the task cards or in task details?

@Joanna Parkhurst my idea was to have kind of "unlimited"? Ok... ok at least 10 needed and on the task card....  (well now you make me flirt with the idea of the task details also:smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:)

@Konstantina Antoniadou I see! That sounds like a good start. Let me know if something else comes to mind for task details! Thanks for your feedback.