Upcoming AMA about Meetings with PM Wim Coorevits!


Hi Community,


Please join the upcoming AMA on 5/12/2023 at 1pm-2pm PST. We highly recommend anyone to join if they have any questions about meetings or the recent blog posts about meetings.


Here is more info about the AMA and the link to join:

Viva Insights AMA: Understand and manage time in meetings with PM Wim Coorevits

Description: Please join us for an AMA on how you can use Viva Insights tools to understand your meeting metrics and run meetings more effectively. This session will have participation from Wim Coorevits from the Insights Product team. You can also join us for questions on the recently released features to help you better align time spent in meetings with your goals and give meeting feedback.

Link: Viva Insights AMA: Understand and manage time in meetings with PM Wim Coorevits - Microsoft Communit...

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