Announcing new TSI rules in the FY23 Bizapps Partner Activities Funding Program!


Starting January 1st, the minimum deal size for nonprofit opportunities is $5k (vs program rules of $20k), and Partners will be eligible for the same amount of pre-sales funding as a commercial deal of similar seat size/scope.

The FY23 Business Applications Partner Activities program is a primary way for Partners to request funding to support pre-sales engagements of all kinds.  If you missed the Partner Activities Office Hours

on December 13 th , I highly encourage you to watch it on demand. There are critical process updates relative to year end deadlines, the introduction of a new eligible activity- the Power Platform Center of Excellence Workshop – AND our Business Applications BG Lead Kristin Fleek announced new TSI logic to make funding more accessible and equal to what you can earn with commercial accounts that don’t have nonprofit discounts. All of the details are highlighted in the below announcement as well as in the updated Program Guide on the Transform Site.

This is a very exciting change and I want to HIGHLY encourage you to review the program guide for all of the eligibility rules, and then look at your pipeline to identify funding candidates. We’re seeing high demand for this program and fear that funding could run out--- you should jump on the opportunity to nominate in January and continue leveraging the program as much as you can.

Tech for Social Impact Partnership

Supporting nonprofits and international development organizations is a foundational principle at Microsoft. Nonprofits receive 60–75% discounts on most commercial SKUs, yet the complexity of a sales cycle and the number of hours required to perform Pre-Sales and DMP activities can be equal to that of a commercial organization.  Current Partner Activities funding calculations put nonprofit opportunities at a disadvantage, due to their discounted deal sizes.

Beginning January 1 st , we are updating our Pre-Sales and DMP funding logic to better support Tech for Social Impact eligible accounts.

  • The minimum required ACV for TSI accounts will be lowered to $5,000
  • A discount multiplier will be applied by SKU product category, allowing Partner Activities to provide a funding amount equal to commercial opportunities of equivalent size. Payouts will be capped at 7.5% of equivalent commercial ACV.

To learn more about starting a nonprofit practice and empowering nonprofits and international development organizations with Microsoft technology to accelerate social impact, visit: . Customers can visit this public web site: to learn about the eligibility process, discounts, and more.

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