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I am requested to send an e-mail showing that I am an authorized dealer in large e-commerce companies in the country where I sell their products.

Who can I contact for this? There is no active Microsoft office in my country.

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@BirLisans what kind of document are you looking for?  There is no contact for this request as most of your account information can be found digitally through your own partner center account. 


Can you send them this link and have them search your company as a confirmation?


I don't really know who to connect you with on this or what you are needing, I'm sorry! 





They don't want a document, they want a "Our Partner" message sent to administrators via

@BirLisans Apologies, can you provide more information for me? I'm not clear what you are asking. 


Could this link be the help you are looking for:


Partners: request a reseller relationship - Microsoft Support

It's very simple actually.

The marketplace where I sell Microsoft products demands this from us.

We must receive an e-mail from Microsoft stating that you are an official partner.

They inform us.

@BirLisans did the link above give you what you needed?