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@John_Turk As an Australian MSP and MS Partner, do we have a local point of escalation for issues that the english-challenged first line support teams don't seem to either understand, or leave idle in queue for weeks at a time without action or communication?


We have a client who originally provisioned their tenant and 365 Business Standard licenses using GoDaddy, they are prepaid annually so don't owe Godaddy any money.


The client would like us to manage their tenant and remove GoDaddy as their reseller, handing admin and license management to us, removing GoDaddy entirely. All attempts to create a relationship and access to the Admin console ( have failed due to the way GoDaddy have their  website admin access setup. We can't use the partner invitation as it just redirects to GoDaddy's website when trying to access the admin console.


GoDaddy at first pretended they didn't understand, and have now hang up multiple times on the client when they call GoDaddy support asking for the Global Admin. This is strange to me because they provided it to another client about 3 months ago without question.


I understand GDAP has made this situation more complex but we need a way that we can onboard new clients from web hosting services like GoDaddy/Crazydomains etc and detach them from the tenant without having to go through this nightmare.


We logged a case (2311060010000882) through our partner centre almost a month ago, I spent 2 weeks and multiple remote sessions with a team that eventually said they couldn't help and they'd send it up the chain but it's now sat idle for another 2 weeks in the queue, despite multiple email and phone follow ups.


The client is trying to expand their business overseas and we need global admin access to progress. It's now costing them money, and interrupting their business growth, which to me is simply an unacceptable outcome.


We need better methods and support to onboard new (existing Microsoft) clients. I would have thought that GoDaddy's practice of redirecting all admin access to their cut down page, and then refusal to provide any assistance should be a breach of their partner agreement, if not illegal. They are essentially holding our client's (and your customer's) tenant and data for ransom. The client is now talking about legal action, and I really don't want it to go there. I'm sure MS don't either.


Could you please advise how to get these kinds of cases resolved, what rights a client has to their own tenant, and how GoDaddy can be allowed to behave in such a manner?


P.S. I just realised this is a US MSP area (sorry!). If you could please redirect my post to the appropriate place or provide the contact details or someone here in Australia to get this actioned, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Hi Mike, I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue. This forum is specifically designed for partners in the Americas, and I want to be careful because I am not familiar with relevant laws and regulations. If you've already tried your local partner community forum, send me an email at! I am on the Azure side so this is out of my expertise, but I can try to get you connected to the right person.

G'day @John_Turk, thank you for your response. Could you please provide a URL for the Microsoft Australian equivalent? We don't have any information on how to get help locally and there seems to be no other way than to go through the "Contact Support" option which puts me through to people that can barely speak english, let alone understand the complexity of the situation.


I really need someone in Australia I can speak with, after 2 more phone calls with "support", their words were. "Microsoft cannot help you, we do not get involved in Partner actions", which says to me that it's ok to hold client data for ransom and Microsoft won't do a thing about it. I'm sure that's not the case or the partner agreement isn't worth the paper it's written on.

@Mike-PriorIT Hello!


I am moving your comment to Partner-Led Tech topics discussion board in hopes someone there can help you. Thanks for being part of the community and I hope we can help you find an answer somewhere. - jill


@Rachel_Cleary or @casssmith from the Australian regional board, can you help get this in front of the right expert by chance?  Would this comment fit better in your boards? Thank you in advance. 


Hi @Mike-PriorIT - I'm in the partner team in Australia. While this isn't my area, I'm seeing if I can find someone locally who can help. Thanks, Cass