QUESTION: Changing SharePoint site/tenant default language

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We need to change our SharePoint tenant default language.  Our tenant was originally created in Dutch and we want to change it to English.  Preferably we want to do this for existing sites, but it would still be helpful to change the default so all new sites are created in English. Has Microsoft made any progress in allowing this change?  We know about options for translations, setting regional settings on a site, and personal Office 365 language settings, but those don't change things like the guest user invitation email language, certain words in URLs, List column names, etc.  This is becoming more of a problem as our company expands into additional countries.



I'd suggest to review this: Can't change the default language for a site - SharePoint | Microsoft Learn - and post in the Sharepoint Technical community for further questions: SharePoint - Microsoft Community Hub.

This group here is for discussing support options, there are only a very limited number of experts monitoring this forum, so it is not possible to give proper guidance for product-specific questions. 

You can also raise a consultation request in my team to get direct guidance on this and other questions reg. Microsoft cloud solutions, see my signature for the links where to create the ticket. 

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