problem with profiling on partner center

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I have a problem with profiling on partner center.
Basically, if I use a domain email with hosting services, I don't receive the code via email (not even present in the spam folder); instead, trying with a domain without hosting services, I got it. Do I need to do something on the domain?

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@legolas82bis I have moved your post to our Partner-Led questions and tech topics in hopes some of our super star users have some guidance for you. 


@Claudio Stallone @blakecheek or @Nick_Beacroft do you know anything about this? Thanks in advance. If not maybe someone else can chime in. :)

@Jill_Armour_Microsoft  @Claudio Stallone @blakecheek @Nick_Beacroft


I don't see the attached screenshot "Screenshot 2024-03-20 194728.png", but as in "showed.png" image.