PNP related tests are failed due to an expired MS HLK filter on 30th Jan 2024.

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We have been facing this error for the last couple of weeks and after a quick triage we found that some of the HLK PNP tests are failing due to an expired Filter (Filter#62805, Filter#71900)  as of 30th Jan 2024. We applied the very latest Filter on HLK controller and even then we are facing this issue. The same HLK PNP related tests passed before Jan 30'24. 


Could someone please help us if this will be fixed by MS soon or what needs to be done to fix this issue? Should we get an Errata ? 


We are currently blocked and appreciate if someone could chime in and help us. 




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Hello @vrrajkumar, I'm moving this to our Partner-led tech topics board as I feel you may have better luck for an answer there. 


@sansbacher @blakecheek @Christian_OnLineO not sure if you guys know anything about this type of thing, but thought I would try. :) Thank you kindly. 



@Jill_Armour_Microsoft ,


I believe Rajkumar is talking about the MS Hardware Lab Kit:


This doesn't have anything to do with Office 365 or the CSP Partner Center, as far as I know. I don't know where best to shift Rajkumar's request, some forum dealing with hardware device drivers I would think. Unless that would also be encompassed by this Partner Community? (in which case I can't offer any ideas or assistance...)


@sansbacher and Team,I appreciate your comments very much, but I am m still blocked. My team has filed a ticket with Microsoft (TrackingID#2402120050000951), and we are hoping that we will hear back from them as soon as possible or receive instructions on how to get unblocked.