Our solution partner designation under threat as scores are not getting updated.!!

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We have a major issue with the solution partner not updating the points against the performance and customer success categories. We have added several customers and deployments, however it just shows 0 for the above categories. The Cloud product performance report though clearly shows all customers and seats and values, it simply doesnt update the score. 


We had opened a case with microsoft 6 months back and have already provided all the details requested however the front line support always sends a response every 2 days that there backend team is looking into the issue. No other updates for last 5 months. We are amused how bad the support is for Microsoft partners who dont have a premier support and no SLA's whatsoever (Except for sending same response copy and paste every 2 days). Want some one responsible to please look into this and highlight whats wrong as our membership is under threat. Appreciate any help in this regards.

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Hello @BiluVB,

I have moved your post to our Partner-led tech topics in hopes someone has some advice for you. I'm sorry to hear of your troubles and the poor experience you are having with Microsoft support. 


I hope you can get some resolution soon.