Microsoft Fabric Partner Boot Camp



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Jun 11 2024 08:00 AM - Jun 13 2024 04:00 PM (PDT) Add to calendar
Published on Apr 29 2024 06:28 AM (PDT) by Jill Armour Community Manager


We are thrilled to announce the second iteration of the Microsoft Fabric Partner Boot Camp! Join us for three days of immersive sessions led by the experts from the Fabric sales and engineering teams.


The first day caters to sales teams, offering insights into "Analytics in the Era of AI" alongside Microsoft's Go-to-Market strategy for Fabric and more. Subsequently, the next two days are tailored for data technologists, providing in-depth exploration into key concepts and skills essential for implementing cutting-edge analytics solutions with Fabric.


Don't miss this opportunity to boost your skills and knowledge in the fast-growing field of analytics!


This event is sponsored by AMD. Together we advance Data Analytics. To learn more about AMD data analytics offerings, please visit