Tech Talk: Modern Connected Applications Grounded on 5G and Space Event ended



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Oct 05 2023, 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM (PDT)
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Published on Sep 07 2023 07:20 AM (PDT) by Diana Phillips Microsoft

As leaders in the IoT space, you know that 70% of the data is created on the edge. Customers are demanding more and more solutions on the edge that can accelerate the process real time with a secured and robust connectivity. 5G and Space enable what we call “Modern Connected Applications”. Microsoft is making significant investments in the space that are enabling new possibilities and scenarios to develop new use cases that can solve complex business problems. This is especially relevant in environments with complex requirements like low latency, outdoor facilities, human-machine interactions, etc. This session will help you understand how you can extend your offerings embracing this new paradigm. Also, we will provide resources for you to identify customer needs and quickly learn how to and adopt these new technologies.


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Presented by: 
Jaime Perena, Sr Director, Strategic Missions and Technologies, Microsoft
Jamie Scholfield, Sr Product Marketing Manager, Strategic Missions and Technologies, Microsoft