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Looking for some help.   We have supplied many documents providing our ownership of domains and business.   However the (assuming AI) function is failing in verifying our business and renewing our partnership.   We have tried to open tickets but there seems to be some sort of block.   We cannot find a phone number or setup an appointment with anyone it seems.   


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Moving this to our verification board as it sits better there. @Elwha101 


I'm sorry for your troubles here, what was the response with your rejection? Maybe I can help you piece together why your paperwork isn't acceptable. I am not part of support or verification so I don't have access to their systems to check anything for you. 

@Elwha101 I feel we need to start a new group about this AI nonsense as they have prematurely released what I personally feel over the last 8 days, it has caused a 10 minute partner center phone support call (nonexistent as I am sure you have noticed) to turn into, on my end, now 8 days (with 8 developers on payroll at 600/day each, $38,400 at this point My issue is not their problem). My details are a bit different, basically sick for 2 years, getting back into MPN and domain expired so emails failed to verify, can't set up because O365 is nonfunctional and online support, as you've noticed, is not available to suspended accounts.

Unless a MS employee or MPN employee sees this, you are going to spend the day in a vortex of that virtual support assistant transferring you to the incorrect department if you are lucky, but 85% of the time, it is going to tell you to see online support AKA/MS or some garbage.

After a 2 hour call two days ago, confirming the details of the problem with the data protection people (as close as I can get), the idiot Arash ( I name him because screwing people over via lack of detail should be embarrassing) had the contact info for a consultant who worked for me in 2016 for a month and big surprise, the number doesn't work. In lieu of notifying me via the backup email they emailed the support ticked with, I had to spend another 17 hours (I own the company, I work until I can no longer function),I finally have what was supposed to be partner support, who turned out to be data protection support call me back. They are unable to even internally IM partner center to have them reach out and I am back at square 1 because this idiotic AI is nowhere near ready and its costing partners who make products for MS to increase revenue, frustrated and waste development capital with zero backup plan for when issues like ours come up.

Were you able to get this resolved?

@Elwha101 yes same for us; it is almost prank-level bad, we've submitted everything so many times, meeting all of the requirements, and keeps getting kicked back re: "discrepancies" without any clarification/explanation of what discrepancies they're talking about. 

We have exactly the same issue and are freaking out a bit, because Microsoft states: "Failure to complete the verification process within 30 days may result in termination of your relationship with Microsoft." - We have tried to reach out through multiple tickets and are not getting any explanation whatsover. We really need to get onto a call with someone at Microsoft about this.

Can someone at MS reading this please reach out? We are afraid that our normal accounts are going to get terminated over nothing, which would be a disaster for our company.