We were unable to verify your Partner Center profile … but were unable to do so

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After much back-and-forth (due to a mixture of unclear instructions, a name change and vague rejections) we just got the above message saying: 

"After several unsuccessful attempts to verify your information, we’ve ended the verification process. No further action will be taken on this profile verification."


Which doesn't make a lot of sense—and it is unclear what is supposed to be the next step or appeal process for this? The last message under 'Legal Info' on the portal just reads "This application is insufficient for the requirements of the program." witout further explanation.


This verification is essential for publicly launching our Outlook integration, and already is pushing back release schedules as is. Help would be much appreciated!

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I would recommend reading this post on how to launch and appeal. Sorry you are having an issue along with so many others. 


If you changed the name of your company (not sure if I read that correctly in your post above) you will need your domain paperwork read the SAME as your Microsoft registered partner account name. There are no exceptions. Could this be the reason they kept rejecting you?


Sorry it appears the provided link for appeal is broken? Would be very keen to read it.

As for the name change, we did later submit domain paperwork with the updated name, which was approved. We were then at the next step providing an assignment letter, which we submitted, but subsequently we got the sudden no-further-explanation rejection / termination of the verification process.

@PatrickSupermoon apologies, I have fixed that link above. Thank you for letting me know. 


So previously we got several rejections and used the "Fix Now" to upload additional documents. However now we got into this state saying we're "unable to proceed", with no clear indication why or how to continue from here. The UI won't let us send additional messages or upload additional messages.

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