Verify your account information when you enroll in the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program

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When you enroll in Partner Center or change legal details in your profile, Microsoft verifies the information that you provide, such as your company name, company address, and primary contact details. During this process, Microsoft may send email to your primary contact to request more verification documentation.


You can go to Legal info in Partner Center to monitor verification status for the:



When account verification is complete, you can perform activities such as purchasing new offers, renewing existing offers in the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, or publishing offers to commercial marketplace.


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Difficulties with Microsoft's Partner Verification Process

To Microsoft Corporation Leadership,

I'm reaching out to share my experiences and concerns regarding the verification process for Microsoft Partners. Our company, initially a Microsoft Partner in Brazil and now in the UAE, has faced significant challenges with this process.

Recently, I updated our company's address on the partner’s portal, believing it to be a straightforward, necessary step since our office had moved. However, this decision unexpectedly led to a series of complications.

Here's what happened:

1. After updating our address, our company account couldn't be verified. Despite providing all required documents, including our updated Trade License and Ejari (Dubai's official tenancy document), our application was repeatedly rejected. This left us puzzled and without clear guidance on what was missing or incorrect.

2. I opened a support ticket hoping for a resolution. Initially, it seemed promising when I received a response from support, but despite providing all requested documents again, the issue remains unresolved. The ticket is still open, and there has been no further communication from Microsoft’s end. This is particularly disappointing given Microsoft’s reputation and our role as partners, who are essentially advocates for their products.

In an era where AI and smart systems are expected to streamline processes, it seems that Microsoft could benefit from implementing more efficient and proactive internal systems. This would prevent such simple yet critical issues from becoming frustrating roadblocks for partners who should be focusing on understanding and selling Microsoft solutions.

Most concerning is the apparent lack of recourse or support options available to us. There seems to be no clear path to escalate the issue or seek clarification on what exactly is going wrong.

This isn't just our isolated experience; others within the Microsoft Partner community share similar frustrations. We hope by bringing this to your attention, steps can be taken to improve the process for all partners involved.

Thank you for considering our feedback.

Please find out from other people sharing similar and frustrating issues:

@rajehm 100% have the same issue, at one point I had to print a paper form as none of the fields could be edited, scan it back in and then send it to the verification team. It's unclear what the team are asking for, they seem to send the same generic response irrespective of the questions you ask or information you send. The message is typically:

Please ensure that they are issued within the previous 12 months: 

  • Domain registration / Domain invoice at registration or renewal that lists Entity/Username and domain as it is stated on your account.  

It's such a shame as my experience with Microsoft as a customer have been excellent. As a partner its barely a service. 

@David_Brindley  Im having the exact same issue!!


I update the company address from one place to a professional office address and it is forever being rejected and they keep asking me that generic question about DNS Name


I can still use my old address if that will help with the verifications asI purchased the domain on that old address. Im guessing it might help fix it !? 


pointers welcomed!

@rb_SCLTD I would try that and see what happens. Maybe the address needs to match the domain paperwork to pass verification. 

@rajehm thank you for your feedback, I will share with the appropriate team. 

I am right here with you, no matter what i try i cannot get my business validated.
Unfortunately I too am stuck in this loop where I can't get verified, I've worked in the partner channel for more than 20 years and have decided to set up my own company in the UK. My issue appears to be around the employment verification, i've uploaded 3 separate pieces of paperwork, all of which have been rejected with no clear reason specified. After the first two I thought that it was possibly because the email address didn't match - I purchased the domain using a private email address as you can't buy a domain with an email address on the domain you don't yet own! So I updated my email address and purchased another year on the domain, that invoice was then rejected with no explanation. Then I've been stopped from making further submissions and was told that my partner account would be closed in 30 days! I tried opening a support ticket and it's taken them 6 days to come back to me to tell me that they're closing the ticket as my details didn't meet verification but again they provided no details.
I'm a limited company, I have a VAT registration, i've purchased the domain and it's in my company name, address and email. Everything appears to match and yet i'm constantly being rejected. I've left my job of 13 years to do this and now feel like i've made the worst mistake of my life.
Great news, I got verified by Microsoft today. I'm still not entirely sure what made it all OK but the key things I did were:
Ensured that all contact/address details matched exactly between the domain registration and the details I used with Microsoft - this included updating email addresses to match and also removing the town/suburb from the address so they were exactly the same.
I then purchased another year's renewal to get an invoice with all the correct details.
I opened a support ticket (which was closed with no reason) so the opened a new support ticket with the new invoice attached.
It seems a VERY painful process but one you can get through with some perseverance.
Good luck.


I got blocked during the partner registration. I have a microsoft support reference number, but calling Microsoft support was not helpful as I just got directed to Microsoft Partner program website.

Is there a support number or an online case management system, where I can submit my reference number to get my business verified and get registered as Microsoft partner?


@essarr unfortunately there is no call center for what you are asking. 



Hi Jill,

Wondering if you can help me out. I have a similar problem.


We unfortunately had somebody off sick for a while as were not able to provide the employment verification details in time. When i have gone into our panel and tried to rectify this with the fix now button. Now the loading symbol appears indefinitely next to the Employment Verification Section of our AI Cloud Partner Program section. Is there something i am doing wrong, do i need to submit a ticket? (if so how do i do this). 

Any help would be appreciated,
Kind regards,