Regaining access to partner account?

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I'm posting this question here in case someone has gone through a similar experience and already has a solution.


I have a partner account for over 15 years. A few months ago I got an email that I had to link a Partner Center account to Microsoft billing profile. Mind you this is an old account and I had no billing profile for it, so I set out to create one. The partner center however did not allow to create a billing profile because -I assumed- it was missing a business registration number. So I added that and waited a day to get it approved.

However with the approval, whoever approved the change, they took away my admin access from the partner account. I'm at the point where I have to renew the plan and I have absolutely no way to fix this. All my services from Azure, VisualStudio and O365 are lapsing.

I have contacted support and their answer is a single sentence that they cannot help me and have to close the ticket as per internal policy. Plus they say that I cannot join the program because I failed an internal standard review.

First of all, I have not contacted support to join anything. Secondly, I have not received notification of any review or results of any reviews.

None of the support phones actually function as support as they all recite the link to the online support. My online tickets are also moving nowhere. I have one that is open for about a month now. They confirmed that I have no access to the account but asked me to create a video showing that that I have no access... This is strange to the point of being absurd.

Is there anything that can be done?

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@glucz I have moved your post to our Partner verification discussion board as it fits a bit better with the content there.