Partnership merge process really frustrates partners (me)

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Gents and ladies
I am the Alliance Manager Microsoft for one of our divisions at Orange Business
And am REALLY frustrated over here in Stockholm at the moment :)
We merged two entities in our divisions partnerships January 29, 2024, 12:17:17 (UTC).


  • One partnership merging in to held 5/6 designations - all except Business Applications.
  • The other "only" held the Business Applications designation + of course had vital "points" in the other 5 programs as well
  • Merged together = Solutions Partner - Microsoft Cloud

The merge process seems to be so perfectly designed:

  • Invite
  • Accept
  • Initiate
    • 17 secs later one gets a message "merge complete" 8)

Pic of the merge process included in the postPic of the merge process included in the post

Complete in my partner mind means - COMPLETE

  • But, only some things has now happened in Partner Center at this COMPLETE time
    • The merged domain and Identifiers
  • For other very vital parts, one had to wait
    (and pray that they will "happen" - as the process is COMPLETE)
    • The payment profiles arrived after +1 h and I could verify them
    • "Points" for the programs from certified staff in the merged partnership arrived like 3 days later

Now, +1 week later - I still have no points in the programs from customers (CSP/CPOR/PAL)
And when creating a support ticket, I´m guided to the Docs article describing "the merge process" that I have read 100s of times working in my alliance manager role for several partners over the years!

COMPLETE must mean COMPLETE dear Microsoft
Most stressful with this - our renewal period opens on Thursday
And in the Membership overview I don´t have the points necessary for renewal of the achieved partner programs (as Microsoft has NOT (manually) refreshed the data after the merge - that they have marked COMPLETE)

Sorry for frustration - but I am VERY frustrated over this process - that seems so very well designed - and FAST!

I expect someone from the MAICPP program to catch this!

I used bullets, numbers and added a picture to the post - but all that falls away after saving!

// Gabbe

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