Partner verification hell

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Please ensure that they are issued within the previous 12 months.  

  • Domain registration / Domain invoice at registration or renewal that lists Entity/Username and domain as it is stated on your account.  

How does one get past this stage? I've provided the documents, massaged all the forms I could find and only get the same canned responses with no actual support value. The domain is a verified domain in Entra Admin. All company information in the forms are EXACT and as requested, yet not accepted. What is not supposedly not exact and where is impossible to tell.


The domain is registered via AWS Route53, which does not provide invoices with Domain information.
"If your AWS bill is charged to a credit card, you receive a separate invoice for each domain transaction. These invoices don't include the domain name"; still, I provided the invoice linked via a billing report and even a statement from AWS support proving Domain ownership. The whois records also have the company information.

I'm at a loss. One month and counting.

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