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Hi All, 

We are both an LSP and CSP Direct Partner. Our owning body is also a CSP Direct partner. We would like  our owing business to be able to get credit for our sales to support solution partner designations but we would like to retain our own unique partner centre identity, billing, incentives etc. 

Looking through the PGA/PLA process, I think we need to trigger a Merge from the PGA account but also read that on the next action pack renewal date we then be treated as one company and everything will merger billing, incentives etc. I am also unclear what would happen our LSP status are merger, there is no mention of it's retention in the paper work. 

Is there any other way to achieve what we need without using the "Merging of accounts".

Thank you.

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...or maybe I'm misunderstanding what happens if/when we merge.
Hi GenieEgan,

There is no impact on any transacting CSP tenant when V-orgs (MPN's) are merged. All these location ID's on which you signed MPA remain, so do the separate invoices and incentives.
To earn incentives in CSP (NCE) you would need more than an action pack I'm afraid. (solution area's to be exact). Only "billing" merged is that for your annual MPN fee. When you merge MPN B into owner MPN A which has solution area's these will become useful for your CSP transactions under B. You'll probably have to enroll the location in Partnercenter first but that wont be a problem I assume.

Your LSP relationship is not managed in Partnercenter, so not expecting any impact there.


Hi @Martijn Breet ,


Most thankful for your response. I have also confirmed through MS support that the CSP accounts do not merge in this case. If we become a location partner under our parent PGA account the transactional business of our CSP is held at that our location partner level.


Both companies A and B already qualify for CSP incentives. Do you know if the incentives are paid at a PGA or PLA level in this case? My assumption from everything I've read and heard it is at a PLA level but this isn't written anywhere. 


Finally, yes I agree with what you say about LSP relationship and it being detached from Partner Center so there shouldn't be an impact. REally appreciate your response. 

Thank you for taking the time to reply. Genie

Q: Do you know if the incentives are paid at a PGA or PLA level in this case?

Its always a location id that signs MPA, not the V-org/PGA so at location level. Should you have more you can split m out using that filter.