Partner account verification problems - support not responding.

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I have contacted support about this and still no response, I uploaded domain name invoice + WHOIS contact infos updated to much my company name and my personal name. saying that 

The domain provided does not meet the requirements of our program.

Now they are asking to upload website showing name, address, contact information and the domain of the organization

should I just create a blank website showing these information ? 

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hey, did your account verification went through? please suggest and help. we are facing the same problem. please help.
Still no response... and support doesn't answer now I have another problem
Our system has indicated multiple failed attempts from your account. We are unable to proceed with your Account Verification.

Sorry to say but join the club.

I've given up on Microsoft.
hey...please don't give up...actually we are doing one mistake possibly. we have to use AAD to connect to the partner account, then they pick up tickets super fast. otherwise not.

so please use AAD to connect to your partner account, then raise tickets. that may be helpful.

i am also pasting 2 email ids that have been super helpful and responded within the same day.
email address removed for privacy reasons
email address removed for privacy reasons

wishing luck!!



Thanks for the support. However, the signup process was already using my Microsoft 365 account so it's linked to AAD.


The problem is that the verification team does not provide clear guidance on what isn't meeting the criteria and why. Therefore, we're going around in circles where they ask for something, I provide it and then they say the domain doesn't meet the criteria but then ask me to provide an invoice for the domain showing the entity name. Either the domain doesn't meet the criteria or it does.


Either way, I'm done and will simply be moving my customers over to a competitor, where feasible.

agree, they don't point what exactly the proble, Provide invoice > not approved > ??? > Provide another proof > Not approved > Provide domain name invoice >.....


i'm having the same issue too when trying to help my new partner to onboard to CSP. 

provided all sort of documents but given the ultimate rejection with no further option to do anything. Support don't even respond to tickets. =(