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Im trying to renew my MPN Membership since the beginning of the month, I submited domain bill, document from the portuguese domain regulator saying im the owner of the domain since 2014 and its up untill 2027, submited official document from the government financial, a lot of documents and all the return I get is asking again and again for the same documents or telling it cant be validated with a 2027 document because I own the domain!!!!


My account is already marked as not being paid, my costumers soon will have the same and I can't talk to anyone!!!


The support is pure useless!!!




I really need help, I can lose access to my opwn email at any point, my professional work is getting compromised and I don't even know what to tell to my customers if they start losing access to their subscriptions under my MPN ID!!!


I deal with MPN Center for over 8 years now and this is the first time I see such a lack of support!


Thanks for any help on this matter, I really don't know what else I can do!

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@Eximius I'm sorry to hear of your troubles here. You should submit a support ticket immediately as it takes them some time to get back to you. 


Can you share with me exactly what they said when they declined your verification? Maybe I can help you figure out what change in documentation is needed. 

Thanks Jill,
Just got it verified today!!!

No clue about why it was not getting verified, I sent all the regular data including domain ownership for almost 10 years, the only thing that changed since I joined as MPN under my own name was the address since we moved in last november.

I ended posting and sending a message on Twitter (X) and someone helped it seems, today I got again a new message telling their team was checking my complain and it was solved.

Just crazy tomorrow was the last day of my subscription! Hope they fix the way things are being done, all other years was simple! Im within the MPN for 10 years!!!