I've changed my company name and now I can't get verified in the Microsoft Partner Centre

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I recently changed my company name in the profile for my Microsoft Partner Centre and now my account is stuck at Employment verification stage. No matter what documents I provide as proof of domain ownership, the bot just keeps asking for proof, and now I can't renew my Action pack membership.


This is causing me great pain, as others too by the posts I've seen in the forum. Can this please be fixed as there is no easy way to contact Microsoft Support to get this sorted.

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We have seen the exact same issue. It just stuck in an endless loop and microsoft has yet to actually arrange a human to speak to us. If you have found a way around this, please post an update as we are struggling to get any traction on this.

@Just_Gabriel @Blueyiota Your registered company name on your domain paperwork MUST MATCH the name you registered in your Microsoft partner account EXACTLY or they will decline your request. Lots of partners have gotten stuck on this. 


Double check each letter is the same on both your paperwork and online MSFT account. Fingers crossed when you update your MSFT registered account it gets you through verification! 

Disagree, you can see from the number of other threads you have provided the same guidance that there are more people struggling with the actual process being broken than the checking of details. There is a systemic issue with how microsoft is responding and resolving these issues. A small percentage might be a discrepancy in paper work but a lot of them are due to no one actually checking the paperwork or context provided in the appeal. I have received over 20 emails asking for the exact same details without explaining what does not match. The process is terrible and there is very little consideration made to actually support the people trying to ge this done. That is the bottom line.