How to appeal a rejected partner profile in the verification process

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If your partner profile has been rejected in the verification process you can appeal the deision.


Follow these steps


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This is one of the most frustrating processes I've encountered. It's almost as if the verification team either do not read the documents supplied to them or are hardwired to be as obstructive or vague as possible.


It's been a month now that I've tried to get my verification sorted, despite providing the documents requested, raising a support request and even resorted to contacting the Partner team via Twitter. Yet, Partner Support takes ages to respond and then come back asking me for what I've already provided and, in some cases, reply saying the documents are not suitable without explaining why, despite them being the invoices showing domain ownership, as requested.


At this stage, I'm seriously considering no longer promoting Microsoft's cloud products and focusing on a competitor's solutions for which my company is also a partner.


Is there a way to escalate the verification process to someone who will actually be helpful and efficient in resolving the issue?


Exactly the same experience here.  New entity, trying to sign up.  Rejected. Resubmit. Rejected.  I've uploaded maybe 5 different documents, since there is ZERO feedback as to why it was rejected.  Open a ticket.  No response.  Escalate through ASfP - no response (yet).  MS Partner on Twitter, oh yeah, give us the details, we'll look into it.  No response.

What the hell is going on over there?

That’s exactly been my experience.

It’s always been unintuitive but it has gotten significantly worse.

This experience has put me off the Microsoft Partner Program because I cannot envision what it would be like when I need support on behalf of a client.

In contrast, signing up for their competitor’s partner programme has been clear and straightforward.

Navigating the ins and outs of the Microsoft Partner Program has always been a bit of a dark art but it seems to be getting worse.

@SamuelRoach @MDFBSW  I am so sorry to hear of your poor experience with our support team. :( There are many partners trying to get through the verification process and they are doing the best they can.


I don't have access to check on the status of your tickets to provide you with any help as I'm not part of that team. I do hear you and I have shared your feedback with them. I don't know what that will do, but they should be aware of how frustrated our partners are.


Thanks for being part of the community, please keep us posted on your progress.


Jill, i appreciate you reaching out, but holy crap what a nightmare.  My last two submissions were "Assignment letter from an authorized representative of the organization" (Developer) and "Letter or statement from a financial institution or a utility company" (Partner).  Both submitted on 6/8, and now both are rejected, with the "Fix now" request showing "The domain provided in your submission is insufficient for the requirements of our program."  What?  What does that even mean??

Seriously, you guys would save so much time just by being clearer on what you're looking for.  So the prior domain purchase documents were accepted, but now we're just circling back around again?

What's really frustrating is there's no recourse, no support, no ability to escalate, no ability to even get emailed clarifications.  All you're doing is saying Nope. Nope. Nope. over and over, expecting us to just keep guessing and resubmitting?  Now with a 4 business days between decisions?


If it wasn't absolutely critical for our business, I'd have punted long ago.

Hello JillArmour, i have an application open for several months with numerous documentation supplied. I do not have the ability to upload an appeal in the verification section as it states : Our system has indicated multiple failed attempts from your account. We are unable to proceed with your Account Verification.

this has become a very frustrating process. Can you suggest a different approach as support aren't replying with any further steps just that the appeal is being reviewed

@DCEVO So frustrating I'm sure, I'm sorry to hear this. 



I have the same problem, checked, double checked and still hanging for a week now. Tried lots of different things to rectify.


Surely @JillArmour , you are able to raise this with support to sort out. I can't believe that MS do not have a mechanism to rectify their own issues. Also, this thread is only the people that have bothered to persist with this debacle. I can imagine there's many more people that give up.


Please can you raise this issue up the chain.

@blueyiota2255 The issue has already been raised. Not much else that can be done from this community, I'm sorry I can't be of more help. 

@JillArmour hello i got employment rejected, but there is no 'fix now' button


I am already a partner.

I don't think there is additional benefit to verify this, unless I am wrong.

I also could not get verified because I don't have a "business license".
I have the same problem.
Submitted support ticket a week ago, still no reply

@virtualspace I'm sorry, I am not part of the support team. I don't know the in's/out's of the process so I'm afraid I am of no help to you. :( 


Has anyone else come across this issue and made it through? Can you share how you got past this sticky point? 


Thanks, -jill

@martinamsinck I'm sorry to hear this, they are very backed up with cases as you can tell from all the strings in this discussion board. All we can do is wait although I know it's got to be very frustrating from your end. Hang in there and keep us posted on your progress.

@JillArmour i'm hanging :)


I'm back in pending state on both partner and CSP.

So hope it goes through this time



Hi, its now been 2 weeks and still no movement on this. My Office 365 licenses are about to expire due to me not having the Action Pack licenses and my customers are chasing me hindered by the fact I have to use Community Licenses. This is really really bad support. In 25 years, I have never had this lack of support. Please can you give me a contact phone number to resolve!

@blueyiota2255 unfortunately there is no number to provide you with. They don't have a call center. :( 

Rejected again...

"Your verification is rejected because of usage of restricted domain. Please update your email in Legal Info section with company domain address to get it verified."