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I can't get my company/entity approved on the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner (PartnerCenter) because it sees another instance of my entity.  Originally, I attempted to use my domain but because that's hosted with Godaddy, Microsoft wouldn't allow the domain to be used to register on the PartnerCenter.  So I'm now attempting to register my company under the domain but it now gives me the error below because it see's the first attempt under the first domain I tried and failed on.  So the system automatically rejects me.  I need this fixed because I'm an IT Company and have lots of customers relying on me getting this resolved.  


{"code":2100,"description":"A legal entity matching the request payload already exists when creating the legal entity.","data":[],"source":"PartnerAccountEnrollmentApi"}

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@KenEynon this is the response I received from the escalation support team:



The best path to get support for this scenario will be for the partner to create a support case by following the link below. After creating it, a support professional will contact them directly to address the issue. By using the telephone numbers option, they will get direct assistance on how to open a support case.


I think I've mentioned this to you before in our chat but the Business Support asks me what the issue is, When I select the product family and the service I need help with, it then opens a window that redirects me to Partner Center to open the case. But once in Partner Center, it won't let me open a case because it hasn't let me register as a company. I'm still stuck.
Ok, let me see if I can get some better directions for you.
Hello, the company I'm working with (as an Indirect Provider) is facing the same issue. When they're trying to enroll as CSP Indirect Reseller using their old tenant they had racived:

{"code":2100,"description":"A legal entity matching the request payload already exists when creating the legal entity.","data":[],"source":"PartnerAccountEnrollmentApi"}

I recommended them to create new Entra directory and try to re-enroll. While doing that they recived this message:

Microsoft runs on trust. We engage in a rigorous set of evaluation and certification processes; as a result your request was blocked. If you require further information please reach out to Microsoft support with reference number: 715-123160 and transaction ID: 60acf0ab-28d7-4b8b-9bfc-b0b9c3c346ed.
Correlation ID: 2531800f-243c-4886-b556-c16494e39808

When clicking the Microsoft Support they are redirected to Partner Center help form but they're unable to send a ticket as there are no workspaces to choose and this field is required to fill in.
There were possibility to place a ticket in without logging in but recently they removed it and require from partners to sign up before placing a ticket. There's no phone number to contact Microsoft Support, nor the e-mail to send an request for instructions. How they should reach the support to get any information about how to enroll themselves as indirect CSP reseller? They have a customer who wants to buy licenses asap as their current one are expiring in a month. Is that period of time enough to fix their issue? I can provide their company details and contact in sepparate message if needed

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I'm also having issues with getting my partner account approved. Denied because when I bought my domain I used my shortened name "Nick" but when I filed my company with the federal government I had to use my full name "Nicholas". They won't approve it because of that, and now it appears I won't ever be able to be a partner because of it.

This has just started for me about the same time it started for you.
Does updating records in whois wouldn't fix it? Anyway it is highly inconvenient for potential partner to not recive an information about the reason of being rejected.

@Maciej_Wawrzyniak I've done the Whois, I've provided the receipts for domain purchase, I've provided my FEDERAL BUSINESS DOCUMENTATION - I've provided everything and they just keep asking for the same things over and over until it permanently denied me this morning.


I've got FOUR tickets open with Microsoft, and none of them have been able to fix this.


It's like they're leaning entirely on Copilot to do the authorization, and Copilot isn't smart enough.

Yea, when they rejected me, all they did was repeat the alert that I got online about "TRUST" and they said that I'm permanently blocked from opening another case. Once you're formally blocked with this trust issue, you can't do anything about it. You're pretty much SOL. The only thing I can do at this point is maybe buy another domain, register a new company, and then buy that company for a dollar and legally make it part of my bigger company. What a mess!
Yeah, this is insane. I paid lawyers to setup my business, this is my 3rd MSP I've founded, I've been a CSP/NCE partner for over 18 years... I do NOT understand this.

And I just got an email back on one of the cases I have open and they once again did NOT provide a reason, and told me the same thing - I'm SOL. Nothing I can do.

This is outrageous.
Considering I've provided all documentation they've requested, I've verified the information on those documents dozens of times and it's all correct, my WhoIs information is correct, and I still got denied, I can only think of one reason they denied me - discrimination. Apparently they don't want disabled people being partners.
Hello Nick
I don't know if it gonna be helpful in your case but let me tell you how we resolved this issue. You just need to...

... create new user in your Entra directory with Global Admin role. (sic!) :)

For us it resolved everything and while using another user account all the enrollment prcess went smoothly :)

Keep my fingers crossed for you. Let me know if it helped you

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I can tell you that it's not discrimination against someone being disabled. I think we're all scratching our heads wondering why they reject us. Honestly, I think the first line of defense at Microsoft is Dun & Bradstreet. They gauge you on what your status is there. I have over 3M in credit lines with 3 different distributors and none were reporting them to D&B. All I had was a $700 charge that was being falsely reported that I disputed and had removed. But I thought maybe it was that. But after that was removed, I went back and was still rejected by Microsoft. So then I thought maybe it was because I registered my domain and my email with Godaddy. So I moved my email to Microsoft directly thinking that would help. Still got rejected. I can't imagine why Microsoft would reject me at this point. I was able to become an AWS partner, Redhat Partner and other software companies without any issue. I think Microsofts vetting system is an automated non-human AI process that probably auto-rejects people if there's something minor that doesn't line up. Like maybe it's that my email address I'm using to signup as a partner isn't the same as the email address I use for D&B. Who knows, who this point, my time is more valuable selling other product. I've had maybe 5 Microsoft requests over the last 12 months. My primary business is Cisco.
Sadly did not work in my case. It just brought me back to the same Partner account that is now permanently denied.

There is no where to re-enroll, and it says I can't do it again. Not sure what to do with it...