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Hi there, I want to know about Microsoft Partner Employment verification. The problem is when I sent him the Domain Invoice, they rejected it again and again. and said (The domain provided in your submission is insufficient for the requirements of our program.) 
My company name, Domain and Business email address are same as I filled out. 
If anyone know, what should I do then please let me know. Actually, I'm new and I don't know what I should do now.
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@JillArmour @mariliat are you able to point this partner to the right place for help? 

@iamtayyabaftab I'm sorry to hear of your troubles here. Lots of our partners are facing this same issue as you will see in our Partner compliance and verifcation discussion board.


Make sure that your domain name is listed EXACTLY  as your registered MSFT account or it will get denied. Your documents must be issued in the last 12 months and must be registered with your company email. For more details read here. You may have to appeal a rejected partner profile to move forward.

I can't help you through this process as I am not part of the support team, but hopefully the information above helps you get past their verificaton!


Please keep us posted and I'm sorry you are having such a poor experience with it. - jill


I think Jill response is on point. And if you need further support here is a guidance on how to create a support ticket: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-gb/partner-center/report-problems-with-partner-center
I am having same issue and after reading this whole page. There is no solution and no one is helping here

@crossskills I'm sorry you are facing issues with verification. I know it can be very frustrating. Your best course of action is to submit a support ticket and work with them to get through the process. They are facing a large number of cases right now and are doing their best to get through all the tickets, but I would expect big delays in response from them. 


I'm sorry I can't help you with any of this, I wish I could! 


We're unable to open  'Things to take care' doesn't actually expand to show the 'Fix Now' button. It should be showing a button to upload files, but we're not able to see this. 


Can you please tell me what to do since we're in the vicious loop with support. 



Hey Kim
I have the problem that I cannot even see the Fix Now button to upload the documents.
Is there anyway someone could help me to resolve this issue ?

@Pawel2000 We don't have the capability to fix anything on the portal as we are not part of the verification team. You have a support ticket submitted for this correct? That is the best way to handle this situation. 


I am moving this string to our Partner Verification board as the content fits better there. Thanks all. - jill