Employment verification gets rejected

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We are trying to complete our employment verification since december and the "support" agent does nothing but respond with the same canned message over and over again.


Thank you for the documents you have provided.  As per Standards Review, the documents you have provided are not sufficient to complete the verification process.    


Domain name registration invoice/domain name invoice listing the entity/user name and domain name shown in the Primary Contact Email Address at the time of registration or renewal. 


I provided the invoice with all the required criteria but it still gets rejected.


I'm tired of the "quality" of the partner "support"-team. 

This process is wasting countless hours and there is nothing the agent is willing to do to help.

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We had this problem.

Here's how we fixed this:


- Perform a WHOIS search of your domain name. Take note of the name of the company against the label "Registrant"
- In the Microsoft Partner Center, drill to "Account Settings / Organization Profile / Legal Info". Take note of this company name.

In our case, the company name in the Microsoft Partner Center did not exactly match the company name in the WHOIS search. I changed the company name in the Microsoft Partner Center so it was an exact match and the verification was successful.