Changed legal address and now cannot re-verify business profile or employment

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Hi, I am at my absolute wits end. I changed addresses and thought it would be an easy thing to do within Partner Centre but now I find I have to redo the whole verification process.


I am absolutely stuck at moving past the employment verification stage. They want proof that I own my domain with puchase documents from the last 12 months which I simply do not have as I purchased my domain with a personal email address for 4 years. Any documentation I have is the original purchase order from a few years ago and it doesn't set to renew for at least another 2.


I have submitted any order of WHOIS information to and updated everything in my profile to be correct along with my domain registrant information and now the process seems exhausted. 

I cannot even find a place to log a proper support ticket with this information as the process seems to try to point you at endless documentation. 

If anyone is out there that could help, I would really appreciate it.

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Thanks Jill, I was able to find the actual area on that page to type something and pleaded my case. I attached both my Whois record and a scrennshot of my hosting area with my registrant info and URL. It was automatically verified after a few days of the case being opened. I then had to login and "Fix" the legal info window again and another day and I've been compeltely verified again. Cheers
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