Can't Enroll for Microsoft Partner Program

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I am trying to create my company profile: Veritas Analytica on Microsoft Partner Portal with my company email ID: email address removed for privacy reasons. Upon clicking Send Code for verification, it generates an unexpected error. When we tried to contact support for this enrollment issue, it was not making the option clickable for us. 


We got stuck in an endless loop of signing in and out of our work account. Please let us know how we can fill in our company details and get our company enrolled for Microsoft Partner Network.



Manal Mustafa.


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@Manal_Mustafa I'm sorry did you say you did start a support ticket? That is the route you should be taking for this I believe. 

Yes, i did start a support ticket but the options were not clickable. The initial step where we enroll our company and get it verified by sending code to a number, the error arises from that stage. When we tried to open a ticket on support portal, it was not taking us anywhere. It was allowing us to state the issue in a text box but was not submitting the issue.