Another endless cycle of employment verification rejection

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I have been going at this for the better part of two weeks.  The same as everyone else.   Generic responses saying the documents I submitted do not match the accepted document types.  Ironically, I select the document type from the drop down list and provide exactly what is asked for.  Here is where I am at:


  1. Went through the entire process and uploaded documents 3 times.  Still rejected.
  2. Opened a support ticket 2404170040008375.  Ticket took a week to be closed and the only response provided was:   The application to join the program was rejected because it failed Microsoft standards review. At this point, we are unable to provide any further details. We are closing this ticket as restricted internally.
  3. Started the verification process again.  This time I changed my operating as company name to my numbered corporation name.  Still rejected.   
  4. Sent a screenshot and a URL showing my company website with all the requested information on it as identified in the document types.  This too was rejected.  

Sadly I provided the proof of purchase for my domain.  They wouldn't accept it because I bought it under my personal name (newsflash, I registered the business after I bought the domain).  I also cannot update my whois record to include my company name.  It is a .ca registration and for reasons that I cannot understand half of the words in my company name are restricted.  Words such as solutions, ontario and inc.  I have sent articles of incorporation, government documents, everything but my DNA.  Still rejected. 


I am very willing to work with Microsoft to get this sorted out, but I cannot unless they tell me what is failing!  Please help me find the path forward.  Somebody has to know what it is!


And SHAME on you Microsoft.  This has been a problem since last year according to all the posts in this forum.  Fix it!



I am now waiting once again for some 3rd party company that Microsoft uses for verification services to not actually read the information in my second support ticket and reject it again.  Everything I read says to make sure my primary email matches company domain under company info.  I have a newsflash for Microsoft - there is no field under company info for company domain.  I really just need someone to tell me what isn't matching up so that I can correct it.


Maybe this is part of the initiation to get it?   Microsoft only wants you as a partner if you can survive the enrollment process?  


@JillArmour are you able to point me in a good direction for support?  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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@NDashwood from the notification the support team provided I believe it means they are unable to partner with your company due to something found during the verification process that doesn't meet their requirements or standards. I don't think there is a way past this notification unfortunately as they will not provide any additional details around this. I'm sorry to say they will continue to reject your application. :(