What is an "MSX Opportunity ID" and what are the steps to obtain this information for MCI engagement

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This is an Incentives related question. Some of the Pre-Sales engagement customer eligibility require an "MSX Opportunity ID". I've seen various instructions to contact either a "PDM" or "Your Microsoft sales or partner point person" for this, but we don't have such individuals in our list of contacts.

How does this work?

Is it possible to reach one through the standard support portal?

Or are these activities simply not accessible to partners who don't have any of the above?   

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Hi @214820 


I can define the MSX Opportunity ID but I do not have information about the sales process. 



MSX is Microsoft Sales Experience, and it supports MCEM (Microsoft Customer Engagement Methodology) processes for consumption and billed opportunities and milestones. 

MSX An internal Microsoft ecosystem of sales processes, solutions, and business insights to support the end-to-end sales process.  That said, as far as I know, you establish an MSX Opportunity ID when you create an MSX Opportunity in MSX.

Opportunity ID:

Opp IDs/Opportunity IDs are used by Microsoft to better track and report on the deals and information running through the sales channel. 




Microsoft will initiate the process to assign a PDM (Partner Development Manager). As Licensing Concierge, I do not have the information you're looking for. The ASfP community can offer an alternative to a PDM.