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When Partners post inquires related to pricing, licensing, and incentives for the CSP Programwithin 48 business hours and as long as the Team is not out of the office, the Licensing Concierge will:

  • Provide guidance to the correct information and provide best practices and tips on how to better locate content related to CSP licensing questions.
  • Clarify the licensing policies and procedures for products & services under the CSP program.
  • Clarify promotions, pricing, and incentives under the CSP program.
  • Report discrepancies in Microsoft Licensing Guide and/or other Microsoft documentation.

The Licensing Concierge is also unable to provide technical support. If you require technical assistance, the preferred path is to utilize the information in Partner Center.


If further assistance is needed, Partners can then open a support ticket in Partner Center.
Partners that do not yet use Partner Center can sign into the Support page on the Microsoft partner website at partner.microsoft.com/Support to see their support options.


If you're unable to resolve an issue, you can escalate it to Microsoft in the following ways:

  • Commercial issue support: Support is available to all partners in the CSP program.
  • Technical issue support: For information about specific support plans, see the following table. For more information, see compare partner support plans.





Microsoft Licensing Concierge

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