Two MS partners supporting one customer, but only one gets recognition for MAU growth !!

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Hi community,

I was very surprised to learn that for the given scenario below, a MS partner will get not any recognition for deployment and MAU growth. This was confirmed by MS Partner Support.

Do you have similar experiences?




1. Customer C has two MS partners: partner p1 provisions all licences, partner p2 deployed the D365 CE solution and provides ongoing enhancements and BAU support. 

2. The license agreement is CSP (not EA!) 


Recognition of each partner's work:

1. Partner p1 gets recognition for Net Customer Add (CSP) and for MAU growth (that's ok)

2. Partner p2 gets no recognition at all, neither for deployment nor for MAY growth (surprise, surprise)


In other words: The work partner p2 is doing to drive adoption and growth is not viable from a partner's membership perspective; partner p2 should consider handing over the work to another partner.

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I've moved this post from the Business Applications community to the Partner Benefits Community since it's not related to BizApps. 



Hi @RalfW 



If I may make a suggestion, the monthly CSP community Q&A call is the best place to bring questions about operational change in the CSP program. You can submit a question up to 48 hours before the call.

Thanks for the note,
as far as I know these sessions are run during "not suitable time windows" for AU or NZ (eg at NZ 4am). Yes, I can watch the recording, but these often do not include the Q&A section, so not really helpful either. Or am I wrong?
This is correct and how CSP works.
The license provider in CSP is the Transacting Partner Of Record (TPOR) and thus gets all recognition of the subscriptions they provide. If partner p2 wants recognition, they should be the transacting partner and provide the licenses they do business for (D365 CE and the service they provide support for) themselves.

For most cases, you're not able to claim recognition/incentives for a CSP subscription that's provided by another partner. Only in EAs can you have multiple partners be Claiming Partner Of Record (CPOR) to get recognition and incentives on a subscription. Note; there can still only be one CPOR per subscription. So it's still either partner p1 or partner p2.

Furthermore MAU only applies to Modern Work- and for Power Platform Usage Incentives and only these two incentives are license program agnostic, thus can also be claimed when licenses are transacted thru CSP. For MWP it's done with CPOR, but has a 300 seat minimum. While with PL it's done thru Partner Admin Link (PAL), not CPOR.
These do not apply to D365 incentives though. Most D365 incentives have been changed to funding programs instead of incentives. So I'm wondering which incentives did partner p2 actually expect to receive?

All the details are in the incentives guide.
Hi Martijn,

thanks for your details, and yes that's my understanding as well. But it took MS support more than 8 months to actually confirm this (with a lot of very different "breathtaking" statements along the way :o

Please allow me two comments:

1. We as partner p2 are providing BAU support and are implementing enhancements for D365, which then results in an increase of licences (--> MAU growth), So we had expected getting "some sort of recognition" for our work - but as we both agree, partner p2 gets nothing.

2. As for CPOR: We claimed CPOR-OSU which then impacted positively our Customer Success KPIs (deployment and MAU growth, but in another scenario). I mention this as I (mis-?) read your comments as "CPOR doesn't impact MAU figures" - I am talking about D365 BizApps only.

Thanks again for your comments - much appreciated. You're awesome!