New to Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program - Seeking Assistance and Details

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Hi everyone,


I'm new to the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program and would love some guidance. Can someone share the setup process and benefits of the program?


Thanks in advance

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Hi Ishika,


Are you already enrolled as a Microsoft partner? If so, then you automatically enroll for the partner program. If not; here's to start: Get started here (

The program is designed for partners transacting, developing and supporting Microsoft licenses, services and software. Eg. Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365 or Azure. 


If you want to transact Microsoft licenses, then you should also enroll for the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. A CSP distributor should be able to assist you in getting started there. 

More info: Enroll in the Cloud Solution Provider program - Partner Center | Microsoft Learn

When transacting the licenses, you will earn a front-end margin. Being enrolled in the partner program, you'll also earn additional back-end incentives. And when you do well enough, you'll earn Internal Use Rights licenses (IUR = free Microsoft software for ow usage). 


When you develop on or with Microsoft software, you're probably an ISV partner. While this partner program doesn't support this type of partner yet, just a few weeks ago Microsoft did announce the introduction of specialized ISV statuses and benefits. I don't know the details on this yet...


When supporting customers with their Microsoft services, eg. support on Azure, or implementing D365 solutions, etc. and you're not transacting the licenses the customer use, you can still earn high back-end incentives by associating yourself as the supporting partner for that customer. Just like with CSP, you can earn IUR licenses here as well. 


Being enrolled in the partner program gives you the option to earn a partner status, called Designation. At the moment there are 6 designations focused on Modern Workplace (M365), Business Applications (D365 & Power Platform), Azure and Security. Additional Designation have been introduced for ISVs, learn and support services partners, details yet unknown to me. 

Achieving a Designation status, earns you the IUR licenses and back-end incentives, as well as additional pre- and post-sales and marketing support from Microsoft. 



I think the best way to start is to find a CSP distributor and ask them for support in enrolling as a Microsoft partner.