Entra ID licencing accross tenants

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A question that we have not been able to fully grasp, hoping for some guidance. 


If all users in a main tenant (ad.company1.com) are assigned office (cloud) licenses with Entra Id P2 licences.


The company is currently operating four different Microsoft Entra ID instances, using four different identities and users are synched between these four tenants. 


They are using services in all these environments that require Entra ID P2 licenses (e.g: conditional access), both for configuring and for consuming the service. Note that the P2 license needs to be assigned to at least one user in the directory to be able to configure the services. Consumption should require a license per user, but this is not technically enforced. Users are able to consume regardless of license assignment.


Would they actually need multiple Entra ID P2 lics per user (one per tenant?) to be properly licensed (compliant), even though every physical person carries one P2 license in the main tenant?


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