Plan to Integarte Packaging Support Framework within MSIX Packaging Tool

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Is there any plan to merge PSF within the MSIX packaging tool itself?


I am still testing the tool in our environment, but I did not encounter any application yet which needs a shim or treatment through PSF. Just to clear my doubt, is the restriction of writing data to a file applicable only to Root folder or it will not be able to modify files under VFS too? Unlike App-V, I could not see an option to allow apps to write to VFS location?


Thanks in advance!

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Regarding the PSF integration, here is a similar thread.


Regarding writing data, you simply cannot write in any folder from the install location.  Extracted from this article:


Writes to files/folders in the app package are not allowed. Writes to files and folders that are not part of the package are ignored by the OS and are allowed as long as the user has permission.