Editor tool for config.json

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Hi All,


Is there any standard tool recommended to edit config.json file ?



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@Amit Kumar 


I usually just use Notepad or VS Code.



@Amit Kumar 


MiTec JSON Viewer

Notepad++ (+ optional plugin)


Hi @Amit Kumar 
As John said, there is no custom tool just for editing the config file.


However, besides MPT you can also build msix packages with other tools, some of these tools like ours (Advanced Installer) have a dedicated GUI that abstracts the json file and allows you to configure it without requiring a deep knowledge of its format. Check the video in the demo.


We would love your feedback, this is a relatively new functionality that is evolving a lot.

@Amit Kumar To add to the answers you already received, PsfTooling includes a config.json editor for the Psf.  My not be what you are looking for.