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On March 18th I requested to change my security phone number.  I was told to wait a month and then a code will be sent to my new number.  I am not able to receive e-transfers until April 17th as a result.  A couple people have sent me e-transfers already.  Will I be able to deposit them on April 17th or do the transfers need to be resent?

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 and this is a public forum, so don't share private information for your safety

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I'm not sure if I understood your problem correctly?


Perhaps I misexplained my situation.  I have had 3 friends e-transfer me.  However, none of the e-transfers have shown up in my email.  This morning I did receive 1 e-transfer.  I suspect that maybe my friends sent it to the wrong email.  Thank you for your response

I can confirm all my friends sent their etransfers to the correct email. But I only received one of them. This has never happened before and I am confused.



Oh sorry I misunderstood!

You just can't see emails in your email account

they are probably in the junk folder - if they are there to add them to trusted senders - this is a common problem 

Unfortunately they aren't in the junk folder.
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