Yammer Emails in Other Inbox

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Today, all of my Yammer notifications show up in my Focused inbox. I would like all Yammer emails to appear in the Other inbox. However, for some reason they decided that every Yammer email comes from a different randomized email which makes it much harder to manage. If I select to "Always move to Other inbox" because Yammer invents a new email address for every notification. I can create a Rule for all Yammer notifications, but there is no Action to move an email to Other inbox. How can I get my Yammer notifications to go to Other inbox?

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@BMyers Did you find a solution to this problem? I have the same issue and it's becoming a big frustration because of the large number of Yammer generated emails I receive each day, even when I have cut down the number using the Notifications option in Yammer. 

@Sean_Barrington Unfortunately I have not. :sad: Outlook has great tools for managing email, but Yammer is working against those tools by using different addresses for every email.

I hope this is on the roadmap soon, because it is driving me nuts. I really like the Focused/Other inboxes, but this inability to put Yammer notifications where I want them is a significant negative.


i agree. As a workaround a just created a Yammer folder and a rule to move everything from yammer.com into it. Not ideal, but does the job.