Wrong Google meet links in Android Outlook app (but correct in OWA and in Outlook client)

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In our organization only Google Meet approved for video calls and meetings. We have two add-ins installed in exchange env for creating meetings - Gmeet addin and Google Drive FileStream. From delegated accounts only using GDFS users can create GMeet meeting link for other accounts.

Below screen from Outlook client with two meetings. Test 1 created with GMeet addin, Test 2 created with GDFS addin




Meetings links created from GDFS addin in Outlook app for both Android and iOS appears with <> symbols in link, but in Outlook desktop client, iOS native calendar and even in Outlook app for iOS this <> symbols don't added in link and recognize as standalone symbols. However in Outlook app for Android these symbols recognizes as part of link.






I Guess this problem may addressed to Outlook app for Android developers, how can i do it?

Please see attachments -  

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