Windows Security log in box when opening Outlook

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Currently using Windows 11

After a recent Outlook update I am constantly asked to log in.

It is a Windows Security pop up box for Microsoft Outlook.

My email address is displayed and, in the box, below it populates

MicrosoftAccount\my email address

And a box for my password.  

I enter my password and tick remember me, then OK.

BUT! The same box keeps reappearing. 

I eventually access my email.  If I then minimise my email and try to bring it back I get the same Windows Security box asking for my password.

I have tried clearing my credentials as some troubleshooting suggests, but this does not resolve the issue.

I have a 2nd email account which is through a different ISP.  Would this have any impact?

How do I resolve this repeated Windows Security pop up.

Appreciate any advise.  Thank you in advance

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