Windows 10 - 11 lock screen with Endpoint Manager

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Hi people.

I set Max inactivity Time Device Lock to 8 minutes, and I assigned to some devices in Microsoft Endpoint Manager.


In the Registry, i can find that the set is working, but the computer locked before the time i choose.




I miss something?



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I've been banging my head against the wall with this same issue for the last week. Pretty sure it's something Microsoft broke with a recent update, but I can't find any current discussion on it.

In my case the settings are set via group policy, Endpoint Manager is only managing compliance. But the result is the same, I've checked and double-checked GP settings as well as local settings on multiple device and no matter what settings I adjust, devices lock after 15 minutes.

Technically I can make them lock sooner than 15 minutes, but not longer than. It's maddening.



Check your Power settings. If you have Power and Sleep settings turning your screen off after 5 mins for example, this will engage the lock. Match the lock time with the power off screen time.