Why is Outlook categorizing new email?

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Outlook is applying categories to new email I'm receiving. I had setup a rule to do this several years ago, and, I also deleted the rule a few days later because I decided it didn't work for my needs. So this rule has been gone for quite awhile.


That rule has come back within the last few days yet I can't find it in my rules list. I have *ZERO* rules, so it's not like I'm just confused about which rule is doing it. I have none, period. I've checked my rules list from several devices: a Mac which has Outlook fast ring on it, another Mac which is not on Insiders, a PC which is also not on Insiders, and a web browser. All of them consistently show the same thing: zero rules.


Any ideas how I can find this mysterious invisible rule and then delete it? 

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@Ricardo Viana 


Thanks! I'll give that a try.

@Ricardo Viana 


For what it's worth, cleaning the rules didn't solve the issue but I did figure it out. Outlook for Mac has a setting in Preferences | Categories for "Assign categories to messages from contacts". I had recently rebuilt my MacBook Pro from scratch and apparently I had disabled that setting at some point in the past, but I forgot to disable after the rebuild. 

Good to know, thanks for sharing!