Why does QuickBooks keep crashing windows 11?

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Why does my QuickBooks keep crashing windows 11 repeatedly? How can I fix this recurring glitch efficiently to ensure uninterrupted workflow and data integrity?

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Hi markwilliam8506,

The QuickBooks Keep Crashing Windows 11 issue mainly occurs due to damaged or corrupt company files that freeze, crash, or hang the program when attempting to access them or run related operations. Fixing the issue requires repairing this file using the QB File Doctor; here’s how you can do it.

To run the File Doctor, you first have to download and install the latest version of the Tool Hub to fix the QuickBooks Keep Crashing Windows 11 (https://blog.accountinghelpline.com/quickbooks-desktop-issues/quickbooks-desktop-keeps-crashing/) issue quickly.

1. Exit QuickBooks Desktop and download the Tool Hub in its latest release ( from Intuit’s official site.
2. Once the file is downloaded, save it in a location from where you can easily access it.
3. Go to the same location where you saved the file (QuickBooksToolHub.exe) and open it.
4. Start the installation by following the instructions displayed on your screen and agree with the terms and conditions.
5. Once the installation is done, access the Tool Hub by double-clicking its icon.

Now, let’s run the QuickBook File Doctor:

1. Choose Company File Issues from the right side of your screen.
2. Further, choose the Run QuickBooks File Doctor button. The tool might take some time to run; wait until then.
3. Choose your company file from the dropdown menu. If you didn't find the file, click Browse and Search and then find the file.
4. Now, select the middle option as Check your file and then click Continue.
5. To give access to File Doctor, enter the admin password and select Next.

@joshua21weissman good day, we are having the same issue with only 2 of our users. I have made sue that updates to both QB and M365 were performed and followed the guidance that you provided and it still does not work. I have no problems with our other users so it only affects the 2. I contacted QB and they are stating that the issue is with Microsoft. Would you happen to have any other solutions? this has been happening since January. TIA!

* To add one user is using Windows 11 and the other is on Windows 10.