Why do improperly formatted emails come through, yet I can't block them?

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I am getting a lot of spam emails with an oddly formatted address, and when I click to block them, I get a message that the address is improperly formatted and it does not let me block them.


For example, the sender's address will be something like, email address removed for privacy reasons admin@1234zxcv. Note the space between hotmail.com and admin, plus 2 "@" signs. In order to block it, I have to copy the part after the 2nd "@" sign and manually enter it in my blocked senders list ... which means I have to open the email (which, of course, Microsoft has told us we should not do).


If the address is improperly formatted, why in the world wouldn't that be a red flag for hotmail? Why would Microsoft even let an email like that come through?


Between the whose junk mail fiasco and this, I am beginning to wonder if ANYONE at Microsoft is paying attention.

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Sigh. And I get that if I had entered a real email address Microsoft would remove it, but it was just blahblah. It's not like I am a complete idiot. Now no one who reads this is going to see what I am talking about.