Which add-in is slowing down Outlook?

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Hello, my English is not so good (this is a translation from Deepl)

i want to send in Outlook version 2104 the add-in Smarttools Publishing - Email Notes Pro. I am also in contact with the developers already and some points were tested but until today no solution found. When I have the add-in running, it happens sporadically in the daily routine (can't find a fixed time) that Outlook suddenly becomes very slow. Writing an email is almost impossible. Outlook does not react anymore. The task manager does not show an extreme load of the processor. Outlook is then at 5-10% utilization. If I deactivate the add-in Outlook runs again but I would like to use this add-in. In the picture you can see what runs with me everything. Which possibilities do I have to localize the problem. By the way, I have this on all 3 devices from laptop to PC. All have different times where they were completely reinstalled.

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Either deactivate it, or contact the software vendor to check whether there are issues with the current Outlook version/request updated version of the add-in.