Where is the New Outlook Switch?

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It seems the Jan 11 release has removed the New Outlook Switch at all. Seriously? You guys know that the New Outlook is missing tons of features, right?

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@manmanjiaoThis is indeed really awful. Why did they remove the toggle switch? Finally the search function was working again in OS 16.58 (beta) and now this is happening. We are missing crucial features Microsoft!

This is a huge problem.  I need features in the old outlook that aren't available in the new outlook.  When I applied the update it automatically switched me to the new outlook.  Is there anyway to revert back?

Please put the switch back!!! (And, you should NEVER force a user to upgrade without confirming.) 

Interestingly, after it applied the update, it did display a popup about the new GUI, and there was a "revert" button. When I pushed that, it exited Outlook and restarted, but it was STILL the new GUI. I don't see any way to get the old UI back, and I need that until he new one will support local distribution lists and Notes.

On both Big Sur and Monterey, Outlook 16.54+, my users' autocomplete/recent contacts dropdown list is incomplete unless they click the search option in New Outlook. Before the removal of the toggle for New Outlook, they were using the classic/"old" Outlook, in which recent contacts/autocomplete worked instantly and with no issues. I did have a couple of instances where it would break and require me to delete the recent contacts database and allow it to recreate, but it would work after I did that (albeit only for some months before needing to repeat the process). I am regretting ever upgrading from Catalina, because my one user in Catalina on 16.56 has no problems with autocomplete on new or old outlook.
Really bad!! I also need need features in the old outlook. Why is the New Outlook Switch removed? Now I cannot access my e.mail archive / history
Possible to revert back to 16.56? Or will the New Outlook Switch be available soon?
Yeah, this happened to me yesterday. It updated and switched. No more public folders. That's a problem. What the hell were they thinking?
There's a new 16.68 that brings the toggle back. Being able to select calendars is back but address books still not useable and our users can't add shared accounts.
On Jan 11 all of my Hotmail emails were deleted. Why

After three days without the switch, I can home today, opened Outlook and the switch appeared. I had to add the account again as it was as if it was a new install, but everything was back the way it should be, 

This is what happens when you put folks in charge of making decisions that don't actually use the product and are more concerned with aesthetics. If you used the product to any capacity you'd understand that all of the functionalities you removed are super helpful. Next time, ask whoever handles your calendaring at your office to have input in the design. They probably know better. There are so many functions missing and no information anywhere on how to duplicate those functions. I can't even look people up on the calendar to compare schedules, I can't sort my emails by type (meaning calendar invite vs. email message if I set a calendar invite I can't set myself to "free." It's the most inconvenient thing ever! Please put the switch back on!

These guys has F* up whole Outlook and it looks intentional where as Mac O365 user has also paid full amount to get outllok.@AztecBatpup 

@ParshantSlathia The IT folks at my company said that if enough people voice their concerns for this new version of outlook they may decide to bring that switch back. If you know anyone else who's affected by these changes encourage them to leave comments so Microsoft notices. Thanks! 

That is somewhat right. Moreover, as an individual, I have paid for tool that meets my need. They cannot take away by their choice. They may add the features but cannot remove the features.@AztecBatpup 

Hi All,
Just chatted with MAC Outlook team from Windows. They have rolled back the Classic feature. Run the Microsoft update with Beta Channel. Old Classic view will appear again along with all lost data and features.
I have been chasing them since the issue started.
Help, please... I updated today to version 16.59 and NO SWITCH AVAILABLE !!! Microsoft folks, you cannot change the functionalities at your own will. We need back this button and the functionalities that were available only in the previous versions !!! You cannot do that, and leave your customers without alternatives !!! It is not a serious respectful behavior !!

I have sometimes switched to the New Outlook to see if it's improved, find that it has not, then switch back to the Classic mode.  Did this yesterday, but now the "switch" is gone so I can't go back? What??? Please restore that switch so I can continue to use the Outlook features that make me productive.



I feel like I've been tricked.

In the newest version, click on the Help menu and select Revert to Legacy Outlook.



U will find the legacy switch in Help menu of outlook. It will roll you back to classic view