When will in-cell editing in the new Outlook become available & why is Copilot available in the new

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Ever since M$ release the “in-cell editing” feature in Outlook (some 2 decades ago), I’ve used it for practically every email I respond to (I average about 50 responses per day). 
Now, Copilot tells me that if I want to leverage Copilot, it is not available in the classic Outlook and only in the “new” Outlook (Monarch).  Copilot did reveal that M$ will stop supporting the classic Outlook in 2025. 
However, what is extremely concerning is that Copilot for M365 is not supported within the classic Outlook even though our enterprise is paying the full retail monthly subscription of $30/month for Copilot for M365 whereas the feature is not available for use in the most used "information management" tool in enterprises, namely, Outlook.  
Please add me to the millions of global voices who will decry this action, as M$ will be hamstringing many of its power-user clients. 
I post this as the CIO, who has led the migration of the Eastern Cape Provincial Government from the Enterprise Agreement Software Assurance) the subscription-based model of M365 (formerly known as Office 365).  
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