What symbol is this?

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I've attached an image of a symbol in my outlook. What is this a symbol of? What does this symbol mean?





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Looks like the standard "message you've replied to" icon?
Does it have a symbol in the upper left corner? It would either be a reply to a digitally signed or encrypted message - a regular reply wouldn't have the envelope icon.

The icons in the black theme are awful. <g>

@Diane Poremsky so it's supposed to be an icon of an envelope? 

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@NATEJOLLAY  It's not a good screenshot, but I think so- with a purple arrow.


This is a blown up version from my inbox - in the compact message list. 




Another blown up version of your icon and mine.  The thread expander tells me you're using the single line view... and (guessing here) you removed / rearranged some of the fields... If the field is narrow, the icon is cut off. 


Maybe its not signed, just cut off.... 



And for an addition to the "Outlook is nuts" list <g> ... if I move the icon field right, its just a simple reply arrow (if not signed - signed icon doesn't change). 








Great. This answers my question. Thank you the response. Curiosity got the best of me.
Curiosity got the best of me.
Me too. That's why I tried to replicate the screen and discovered why it looked so goofy.