What is the status of Outlook Forms? Organization Forms Library replacement?

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I'm questioning any continue investment in Outlook Forms since MS has not provided a modern replacement of the Public Folder dependent Organizational Forms Library.  I attempted to remove legacy PF's from our Office 365 Tenant and the Organizational Forms Library was the blocker.  


I am getting a new request for additional Outlook Forms and since I have not seen news or continued investment in the technology I would like to get MS current recommendation?   Is MS now recommending other MS form solutions instead?



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You can use a Shared mailbox to store the forms, just make sure it's permissioned to all the relevant people (they need to access it in cached mode).
Thanks Vasil. That seems like a reasonable approach where instead of an Org wide forms library I could create and deploy forms librarys at the dept level. Is MS starting to push any of the other new forms solutions as preferred to Outlook Forms?
They are pushing PowerApps and such... not really a replacement for Outlook forms currently. Depends on your use case I suppose.