What is customer[at]live[dot]com ?


Been getting lots of Scam/Phishing Emails recently, most of them are sent to customer[at]live[dot]com

and for some reason, I'm the one receiving them.

so I wanna ask what is that address? does it mean that any Email sent to that address is received by all Outlook/Live Email subscribers?




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Made an account just to say I have the same issue, I also have been getting the same phishing emails recently.

I've also gotten similar phishing emails with similar "To:" recipients.saki2_0-1601579735652.png


If there is a way to prevent us from receiving these emails I'd appreciate it.

Yes I got a email from them too.

I just received a email addressed to the same.

I'm surprised that you have not had a response to your question and if it's a loophole address for fraudsters to contact every Hotmail/Outlook user, it needs disabling. Too many people are getting hoodwinked into this phishing epidemic and losing vast amounts of money.

The email I have uploaded is unpersonalized in its address, saying only customer and is incredibly poor in its grammatical composition. Also if you click reply, the return address is random letters to a spoof host.

I hope this receives a response now!



I'm surprised too, at this point I think everyone needs to learn how to tell the difference between a phishing and legitimate email.
it's easy for me probably because I'm a nerd but it should be easy for everyone, just pay attention to the sender Email address and title. 99% of times it can save people.